My relationships include my boyfriend, myself, and my mom


Every time I’m in a relationship, I feel as if I have to warn every guy and tell them, “By the way, you’re also in a relationship with my mom.” I have only been in two serious relationships in my life and my mom has been involved in both of them. By being involved in them I mean she’s getting involved in our fights, listening in on our conversations, and telling me that these guys only want one thing and that I shouldn’t waste my time with them. She is still involved with the relationship I’m in now even though I have told her that when I have a relationship, it is between me and that guy. Not her as well. She claims that he has lied to her and is now banning me from seeing him which is total crap. He has never lied to her, he has always been completely honest about everything.

Guess who’s staying in on Valentine’s day?


Save the Wolves

Save the Wolves! Over 200 wolves were killed in Minnesota’s wolf hunt. I think this is absolutely absurd. The whole idea of killing the wolves because they were large in number is ridiculous. Why didn’t they just move the wolves to another state if it was such an issue? That has been done before, so why couldn’t they do it with the wolf population in Minnesota? Either that, give the wolves to different zoos in Minnesota. I bet they would take them.

What is the United States going to do when the population of people reaches its maximum? Will we solve our population problems the same way we solve it with animals?

If you want to help save the wolves, you should visit:

The New year equals change…at least this year

Every year, people say that they will make changes to their life such as exercising and eating healthier. I used to be like one of these people until I realized that I never actually go through with either of these changes to my life. This year, I decided that I was going to write down at least one good thing that happened during the day on a scrap of paper and put it in a jar. In 2014 on New years, I will read all of these good things that happened throughout 2013. I have been keeping up with this change in my life so far and hopefully it will stay that way 🙂

Happy New year! I hope you will be able to make your resolutions come true this year! 🙂